Are you or someone you know a federal worker who has been injured on the job?
You have the right to go to the doctor of your choice.  Let us be your advocate for the benefits and care you deserve.  We will assist and guide you through the complex process and all of the paperwork required in correctly filing your claim.
Federal civilian employees who are injured while working on the job for an agency of the United States Government are entitled to benefits under the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act (FECA).
We will work directly with the Department of Labor Office of Workers’ Compensation Program (OWCP) to handle your claim.  OWCP claims can be complicated, time-consuming and frustrating for the claimant.  Failure to follow the rules or submit the required medical evidence can result in complete denial of benefits.
We can help you navigate this difficult process.  Our Federal Workers Compensation Coordinator has the expertise to help you, Sandra Babun-Wilson at (918) 488-8285.  She is available to answer any questions concerning your claims.

We will take care of pre-authorization and coordination of care including:

  • Medical evaluation
  • Physical therapy
  • Referrals to board-certified specialists
  • Medication
  • Durable medical equipment (braces, etc.)
  • Functional capacity testing
  • Diagnostic testing (X-Ray, MRI, etc.)
  • Laboratory testing

We can also assist you with forms to:

  • File an initial notice of traumatic injury (new single incident injury – Ca1)
  • File a notice of occupational disease (cumulative injury – Ca2)
  • File for a recurrence of an existing injury
  • File a claim for compensation
  • File for a scheduled award